Do you want to rent?


Do you know our UNIC method?

  • Personal care
  • We listen to your needs
  • Administrators of collegiate farms
  • We develop a real rental proposal
  • Advice for obtaining maximum performance without surprises
  • Insured rental
  • Selection of candidates
  • Monthly settlements
  • Adapted lease contracts and detailed inventories
  • Multimedia reports: photography, video
  • Multiplication on the websites:,,, i portals immobiliaris més rellevants amb textos creats amb tècniques d'intel·ligència emocional
  • Multipromotion of the property in sideboard and collaborators
  • Real estate legal and tax advice, monitoring of the entire rental process
  • Tax settlement
  • Name change supplies. Follow-up of claims and incidents
  • Bridge of union between owners and tenants

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08037 – Barcelona

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