Want to rent your apartment peacefully?

In Finques Futura we know the risks that sometimes involves renting a home, so we offer you our Service Insurance Car, designed to not have to take unnecessary risks.

With this service you will have full assurance that you will be paid the total rent receipt if the tenant stops paying you.

In the extreme case of a defaulting tenant who perform acts of vandalism on the continent of your home, you compensate for damages. And we put ourselves in the hands of expert lawyers in eviction processes, so you can have your floor as soon as possible.


We select for you the best tenant compiling reports of former residence, labor and banking as well as files and morodidad risk through a comprehensive study of solvency and risk control.

If payment will receive the total monthly income of your rent through a recognized insurance with coverage up to 12 monthly payments i a franchise two monthly installments.

We conducted a thorough inventory photographic color that is incorporated into the lease, and in case of vandalism or abuse exists compensation for damages, up to a limit 3,000.

For any serious contingency in your home, do all the eviction process to optenció of possession, assuming all legal costs, lawyers and court coverage up to 3,000

Cost: Amount 5% of the annual income *.
* Minimum and maximum premium income refer assured.


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Other services that may interest you


Asset Management

Obtaining Certificates of Habitability

We process for you document certifying compliance with the minimum requirements of a building so it can be inhabited. We will get in touch with a technical architect and will then arrange to conduct an inspection of the property and can issue a Certificate of Occupancy visa by a professional.

Energy performance certificate

This document is mandatory for the owners or promoters who put on sale or rent a property, and determines the energy consumption of a home. If they do not they can be punished with up to 6,000 euros . Through collaboration with architects trusted, we can perform this type of procedure that includes a visit to the property for collecting data, calculating the energy rating, the preparation of the report and the request for the energy label to the responsible agency.

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